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Here's what makes KCA unique to our community. 

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Kenosha Christian Academy is intentionally located in the heart of our city to draw in students from surrounding neighborhoods who would not otherwise have access to a private Christian education. We're committed to creating an academic environment where children learn their purpose in God's world and experience the good life founded in Jesus Christ. Our desire is that this gospel-rooted school revives families and renews the city of Kenosha and beyond. 


Our distinctives


We aspire to an education that is thoroughly Christian. This shows up on multiple levels. First, we want the culture of our school to be shaped by the Christian faith: how staff, students, parents, donors, and the board treat one another, liturgies, values, and what we love. All of it should be shaped by the gospel. Second, we want the education to be informed by and saturated with the Christian story. We want our kids to have a deep grasp of science, math, literature, and each academic subject in light of the Christian faith. Third, we teach students about the Bible as a subject, immersing kids in Christian doctrine and the story of God’s work in the world through Jesus. 


KCA offers an education that is rooted in the good, the true, and the beautiful. Classical education recognizes that the end of education is not information transfer but the cultivation of godliness and virtue. KCA also draws from Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy in the classroom.



KCA deliberately cultivates socioeconomic and racial diversity. While most schools in the United States are segregated along economic and racial lines, KCA brings people of different backgrounds together, focusing particularly how we can welcome low-income families who could not otherwise afford an excellent Christian education.


While covenantal schools require families to be Christians, we are a missional school. KCA welcomes non-Christians to experience the goodness of Christian community.

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