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KCA has received extensive support, coaching, and resources from a few key groups.


The Drexel Fund is a nonprofit venture philanthropy fund that seeds new school models, scales networks of existing schools with a track record of academic and operational excellence, and strengthens the educational ecosystems needed to create the market conditions necessary for new private schools serving low-income students to thrive.

The Drexel Fund invests in new, financially sustainable schools serving low-income students in any state with publicly funded private school choice. Funding is available to support the development and implementation of multiyear growth plans for new and existing networks of high-performing schools that serve low- and middle-income students, to innovative entrepreneurs planning their school launch through the Fund’s Founders Program, and for start-up grants for brand new, replicable schools. KCA received a three year start up grant from The Drexel Fund.

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The Spreading Hope Network understands starting a God-centered school for at-risk youth is crazy. In 1999, God used a dear friend and a timely sermon to give Russ Gregg the courage to quit his job and do something crazy: start a school for his neighbors’ children.

Over 20 years, Russ has learned from many people, and through trial and error, what it takes to bring a school into existence. The Spreading Hope Network is a group of educational start-up consultants who exist to foster hope in God by kickstarting new God-centered schools for children of the city. KCA is a part of Spreading Hope’s Founders Program.


The Field School is a diverse, classical, Christ-centered school on the west side of Chicago. It's aim is to feed the hearts and minds of children through rigorous study rooted in a Christ-centered environment. It exists to create opportunities for children of all backgrounds to be known and loved as they learn. The Field School believes that all children are made in the image of God, capable of becoming agents of renewal for the sake of Chicago and beyond. Kenosha Christian Academy has drawn from The Field School for its curriculum and has partnered with them for staff training. 

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