Our Mission

Our mission is to help students find hope and purpose in Christ. This is powered by our love for God and the dignity he has woven into every humans existence. Learn more and join our team of resilient, godly, skilled brothers and sisters to help minister the gospel to center-city Kenosha.

Our Challenge

Teaching is a demanding profession. It is a high calling that requires deep love, sacrifice, and perseverance. At Kenosha Christian Academy, the challenges will not be any different, and, may at times be even more acute. 

Our Response

We cultivate rhythms of work and rest to equip teachers for years of fruitful labor. Our aim is for teaching to be sustainable and life-giving.


Each week teachers and administration share lunch together. Meals are opportunities to rest from labor, enjoy God's good world, and encourage one another.

Once a semester, every teacher is required to take a day Sabbatical. It's a day away to pray, journal, and reflect on their work. 


We purposefully cultivate a health school culture suitable for effective teaching. Students are expected to respect teachers and classmates. Parents are called on to take an active role by sharing our behavioral expectations and addressing disruptive behavior.

Students are equipped with habits of helpfulness and respect. Teachers are supported with aids and volunteers.