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We're passionate about nurturing students holistically, where academics, relationships, and God are highly valued.


Schools are often the biggest culprit in making academics dull and uninteresting. At KCA, we believe that God and his world are endlessly interesting, and that when we feed kids an education rooted in truth, goodness, and beauty, kids come to love learning. We also believe that students are tremendously capable of high academic achievement when given the chance. 



Relational flourishing, where people have loving, long-term connections with peers, family, and mentors, is a determining factor in a happy life. The lack of these relationships for students is destructive, not only in terms of their personal well-being but also their professional prospects. KCA prioritizes cultivating relationships between staff and families, amongst peers, and between staff and students, relationships that bring joy and transformation to everyone involved. 



The world offers a picture of the good life that is cheap and shallow, a picture that absorbs students in the pursuit of status and popularity. Yet to know the God who made us, to be formed into Christlike character, and to have a larger purpose for living are at the heart of the good life. Whether it’s our morning devotional or Bible class, regular prayer or memorizing Scripture, KCA leads students and staff in rhythms that help us love God and neighbor. ​

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